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2017 Conference: Kids, Court and Play Therapy

Save the Date: June 9-10, 2017

Are you looking for new play therapy ideas and techniques to work with your children? Are you just curious about testifying in court, preparing your clients for testifying and assisting your clients through the legal process? Are you just wondering what play therapy is all about?  If you answered “yes” to any of those questions then this workshop is for you!  This workshop is designed for the beginner as well as the advanced play therapist, school counselor, teachers, social workers, and anyone who works with children.  This is a two day workshop focusing on what you need to know to help children and yourself through different legal situations.

Our Speakers:

Ann Elliot is a licensed clinical social worker, certified domestic violence counselor, certified equine assisted psychotherapist, an Autplay® Level II Certified therapist, a Nationally rostered CPT therapist and a certified criminal justice specialist.

Ann has worked in the mental health field for over 25 years. Ann also currently conducts anger management and batterer intervention programs, classes on parenting, self-esteem and caring for sexually abused children and many other workshops. Ann was honored as the 2012 Play Therapist of the Year in a Community Setting. This award is given out by the Missouri Association of Play Therapy. She also is on the Board of MAPT.

She has also written a chapter in the book “Days in the Lives of Social Workers” (4th ed.) The book is a collection of first-person accounts of “typical” days in the social work profession. The book is designed to give readers a firsthand, close-up look at the real-life experiences of these professionals, and to provide an overview of many of the career options available in social work. Ann Elliot’s chapter, entitled “Play Therapy and Bullying,” is one of 58 chapters chosen for publication in this book.

Lori Fluegel worked for 22 years as an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney for Jackson County. Ms. Fluegel focused her career on the prosecution of child abuse and neglect cases.  Ms. Fluegel was instrumental in developing and creating the Child Protection Center, the Child Advocacy Center in Jackson County and continues to serve on the Advisory Board.  She is extremely well versed in the usefulness of the multidisciplinary process in cases to ensure the coordination of cases without jeopardizing the disposition of the criminal and family court case.

Lori conducts training at a local and national level for a variety of multidisciplinary agencies. She is on the faculty for Missouri Child First. She serves as a consultant for OVC TTAC and is a member of Gundersen National Child Protection Training Center’s Speaker Bureau.  Lori is the legal director of Core Legal Advocates, a non profit organization providing legal services to the community through a collaboration with the University of Missouri Kansas City Law School, in a Clinic setting.  She is an Adjunct Professor at the Law School and practices law at Case Linden PC

S. Aliscia Heard received her Bachelor of the Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Missouri and a Masters of Education degree with emphasis in Professional Counseling and Marriage and Family Therapy from Stephens College . Since receiving her education, she has worked at Boys and Girls Town of Missouri, Inc. as both a Transitional Living Therapist and a Family Therapist. She has since spent over six years working in the private practice setting and receiving continued education regarding play therapy, trauma, and marital and family therapy. Aliscia is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Marital and Family Therapist Supervisor, Registered Play Therapist Supervisor, AutPlay® Level II Certified Therapist, and a Rostered Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapist.  She specializes in working with children, teenagers, adults, couples, and families.

Objective 1: Gather a better understanding of the Judicial System and the processes that will be needed when working with child victims as a play therapist

Objective 2: Learn how to make appropriate decisions about confidentiality based on state reporting laws and how to protect victims of abuse and neglect in your play therapy practice

Objective 3: List 3 ways in which to avoid occurrence of re-victimization when disclosers are made in play therapy.

Objective 4: Learn at least 3 play therapy techniques that help children talk about their victimization

Objective 5: Learn the purpose of a Deposition and how to respond

Objective 6: Learn the differences in Forensic interviewing and play therapy

Objective 7: What documentation is needed for court purposes when doing play therapy

Objective 8: How to prepare a child for court using play therapy techniques

Objective 9: Describe at least 3 play therapy techniques used in preparing children to testify

Objective 10:  Describe the role of play therapy in court testimony as a modem of communication and healing for child victims of abuse and their families



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