Apply For MAPT Board Positions

MAPT Board Positions

Why Apply?
The Missouri Association for Play Therapy (MAPT) is looking for Missouri members who are
engaged, passionate, and want to serve as an Officer, Board member, or volunteer for a
committee. Volunteering for any position with the association is a great opportunity to network
and grow as a Play Therapist as well as to make a difference in Play Therapy in Missouri.


The Executive Committee is composed of the following offices. All officers are required to attend

75% of board meetings. All positions begin after the Annual Conference.

President (1-year term): FILLED
The President is responsible for:
● The President is accountable for building and leading the organization and committees
ensuring alignment and collaboration to achieve organizational goals and mission.
● S/he/they maintain accountability for the operational and fiscal integrity of the
organization within policies set by the Board of Directors.
● The President is responsible for the overall impact of the organization in the community
with particular emphasis on increasing its capacity to drive play therapy awareness.
● The President is expected to be an active member.
● The President works closely with the Board to craft and adapt the strategy to achieve
MAPT goals. S/he will establish and build relationships with the members and the local
community to promote the Missouri Association of Play Therapy’s mission and vision.

Vice President (1-year term): OPEN
The Vice President is responsible for:
● The Vice President shall become President of the Association after two years or upon the
death, resignation, or severance of membership of the President. In the case of the latter,
the Vice President shall serve for the unexpired term of the President as well as the
following two-year term as President, and two-year term as Past-President.
● S/he/they shall preside in the absence of the President.
● S/he/they shall serve as chair of the Nominations and Election Committee.
● The Vice President will work alongside the president with duties as assigned to prepare
for roles as president.

Secretary (1-year term): FILLED

The Secretary is responsible for:
● S/he/they are responsible for maintaining adequate and correct books and minutes for
all meetings, proceedings, and actions of the Association.
● The Secretary is responsible for accurately recording the events of official MAPT
meetings. These documents are a permanent record of MAPT and shall include the
time, place, type of meeting, and names of persons attending.
● S/he/they are responsible for preparing records of the Association’s members, training
attendance records, and distributing training certificates.
● The Secretary must be bonded as may be required by the Board of Directors and chair
the Finance Committee.
● S/he/they will create forms for workshops/conferences and other events for the

Treasurer (1-year term): OPEN
The Treasurer is responsible for:
● S/he/they will maintain adequate and correct books and accounts of the Association.
● The Treasurer ensures management integrity and custody of and is responsible for all
funds of MAPT within the policies adopted by the Board of Directors.
● S/he/they will prepare financial reports as required by the Board of Directors.
● S/he/they will deposit and disburse funds in the name and to the credit of the Association.
● The Treasurer will be bonded as may be required by the Board of Directors and chair the
Finance Committee.
● S/he/they will oversee and manage all conference registrations.
Member-at-Large (1-year term):OPEN
The Member-at-Large is responsible for:
● S/he/they will assist area reps with membership enrollment, renewal, and any other
membership needs.
● The Member-at-Large will monitor and follow up with representatives to assist with and
support opportunities for MAPT members to connect professionally with other play
therapists in their area and/or obtain continuing education credits.

Technology Officer (1-year term): OPEN
The Technology Officer is responsible for:
● S/he/they will maintain the Association’s professional website with up-to-date and
current information,
● S/he/they will promote the Association through social media links, work closely with
President and APT regarding training and communication with members.
● S/he/they will complete reports as required by the Board of Directors.
● S/he/they will serve as Chair of the program committee.

● S/he/they will communicate with presenters regarding presentation, technology, and
communicating to attendees.


MAPT’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion includes the recruitment of a leadership
team (Board of Directors, committees, and chairs) that is reflective of all dimensions of diversity,
promoting leadership positions to members whose race, sexual orientation, gender identity,
physical ability, socioeconomic status, sex, and age are currently underrepresented.
The MAPT BOARD is composed of volunteer MAPT members who are elected or appointed from
the Chapter membership. The Board of Directors is composed of: The Elected Officers of the
Association, elected from the at-large membership for each one hundred (100) members or
majority proportion thereof; and One elected by each organized chapter.

Board Member (2-year term): FILLED
● Attend 75% of board meetings
● Represent the members of MAPT by voicing and addressing concerns
● Network and connect with other members of MAPT
● Formulate Association policies and recommend such policies to the membership
● Conduct the business of the Association and to make recommendations to the

Committee Members:

MAPT is seeking to engage with more of the membership with fewer requirements and
commitments. Below is a list of current committees that need help. Each committee is chaired by

an individual on the board. We would appreciate a variety of skills.

Nominations and Elections (Chaired by Vice President): OPEN
● The committee shall propose to its Board a slate of individual members in good
standing each year by the final board meeting before the annual conference.
Bylaws and Ethics (Chaired by Treasurer): OPEN
● Frequently review bylaws
● Ensure that the Chapter is in compliance with bylaws
Membership (Chaired by President): OPEN
● Keep membership connected to MAPT news and events
● Promote growth within MAPT
Program (Chaired by Technology Office): OPEN
● Help create content for social media, website, merchandise
● Maintain website and social media

How to Apply?
If you are interested in joining our board please complete the application form with the
link below. Please complete the form by May 5th. Applicants will be reviewed by the
committee and, if eligible, submitted to the board for a vote at the board meeting prior to
Annual Conference. The Board of Directors will determine the best fit for each position based
on qualifications.

MAPT Board Application