Presenter Inquiry

Thank you so much for your interest in presenting for Missouri Association for Play Therapy (MAPT). Presenters will be given a contract stating terms and payment.
There is a lot of room for creativity.
  1. You can tell us what topic you are most comfortable presenting
  2. how you would like to present (virtually or in person).
  3. You can also tell us how long you are able to present (each hour of training is worth 1 CE).
  4. When you are available to present
For credit to be given to participants there are a handful of items that we must ask of the presenter. The requirements for presenting outlined by the Association for Play Therapy (APT):
  1. Presenters must hold an RPT/S or have a co-presenter that holds an active RPT status.
  2. Presenters are required to integrate current research into their presentations that include: 3-5 sources, at least three (3) of which must be published within the past five (5) years in contemporary, peer-reviewed, scientific literature and journals, that support the content of your program (no more than one may be your own).
  3. References and citations should be documented using the most current APA Style Format.
  4. Presenters are encouraged to include “play therapy” in the program title. However, it is required that the term “play therapy” be included throughout the content description, abstract, and overview.
  5. Measurable Learning Objectives Clear learning objectives written in measurable behavioral terms (American Psychological Association, 2018) APT requires that “play therapy” be predominantly displayed in the majority of the program learning objectives.
  6. One Learning Objective for every CE hour offered (3-hour training must have at least 3 objectives)
  7. If you choose to offer training that is virtual (Non-Contact), it also MUST have an in-depth post-test with 6-8 questions per objective (3-hour training must have a 21-question post-test).
) is the program reviewer and will help you with compliance.
Thank you again for your interest in presenting for MAPT. Please let us know how we can help you with any of the above-mentioned items.